Our company strives to improve as well as enhance the quality of life and increasing productivity in one’s environment; by giving the highest excellence of professional and tailored services. We collaborate with local manufactures, suppliers, builders and contractors whom uphold our values in improving the quality of design. Working with the clients as a team, by educating them to make decisions best suited to their needs; constantly strengthened by the knowledge gained through experience and research. Combining artistic talent with a passionate commitment to our clients. Our team of Accredited Interior Designers , Property Stylists & decorators  provide professional service in all aspects of the  process, creating designs that are reflective of clients' personalities and lifestyles as well as budget. We pride ourselves in producing environments that are functional as well as aesthetic, paying special attention to detail and creativity. 

  • Interior design/layout/space planning.
  • Colour schemes & finishes.
  • Interior decorating.
  • Property styling/staging.
  • Show homes & model suite styling.
  • Visual merchandising & storefront window display.
  • Redesign/re-Branding
  • Event/seasonal decor.
  • Digital photography.
  • Online services.
  • Commercial interiors.  
  • Shopping & sourcing. 



Integrating Style and Functionality to Interior Spaces While improving the Quality of Life.
— Designerstudio/AV Hospitality


  • Lobbies
  • Conference room
  • Spa/ Boutiques
  • Corporate office
  • Restaurant/lounge
  • Showroom
  • Visual display


  • Set production
  • Launches
  • Set design
  • Fashion shows
  • Events


  • Living room
  • Kitchen/bathroom
  • Home office
  • Model Home/Condo
  • Dining room
  • Family Room
  • Bedroom